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Sergio presenta su nueva guitarra de siete cuerdas hecha por el luthier Norberto Novik en el taller Beler y Pape – Quito, Ecuador.

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Norberto Novik
Luthier del taller Beler y Pape

Sergio Abalos
Guitarrista, profesor de guitarra y más

Sandra ten Zijthoff
Producción de video y fotografía

English transcript:

I’m here with a guitar made by Norberto Novik in Tumbaco (Ecuador). It’s a seven string guitar and it has everything a guitarist looks for: it has a lot of dynamic; I move from fortissimo to pianissimo with great ease; it’s a fast instrument – as soon as I touch it, it responds; it’s got the bass notes I need, as well as excellent high notes, projection and most important, clarity. The sounds don’t mix, you hear every note and every chord. I highly recommend this guitar – it’s fantastic. (Sergio Abalos)