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Sergio presenta su nueva guitarra de siete cuerdas hecha por el luthier Norberto Novik en el taller Beler y Pape – Quito, Ecuador.

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Norberto Novik
Luthier del taller Beler y Pape

Sergio Abalos
Guitarrista, profesor de guitarra y más

Sandra ten Zijthoff
Producción de video y fotografía

English transcript:

Hello, how are you. I’m here to talk about this 7-string guitar by Norberto Novik made in Quito, Ecuador. Honestly, I’ve long searched for a guitar like this one. I came all the way from Sao Paolo (Brazil) especially for this guitar that….(plays guitar)…that has it all. It’s a quick guitar, it responds really well…(plays guitar)…the sounds don’t mix; the bass notes are well defined, the higher range as well. I could talk about this guitar for hours, but I have to do it in one minute so…what I can say is that this is a marvelous guitar, like all of Norberto’s instruments. In this case, it has great dynamic – I can play softly and crescendo…you hear the fortes and pianissimos and, well, I’m extremely happy with this guitar…Thank you.